The philosophy of Skin Longevity

Enough anti-aging. Skin Longevity is the new trend

The concept of anti-aging is innovated. This term has been used less and less in the cosmetic landscape for some time, and there is a tendency to speak more and more of the philosophy of Skin Longevity, a holistic and far-sighted strategy for preserving the youthfulness of the skin.

The holistic disciplines include a wide range of practices that serve to make those who undergo them reach a state of "total" well-being. It is precisely the concept of "wholeness" that is introduced with holistic therapies. This philosophy was born and linked to the concept of using the cosmetic as a product of psycho-physical well-being for the "totality" of the person and not only as an active element with local-type functions, aimed at stopping and slowing down any type of specific process .

Aging cannot be stopped completely and is part of the natural evolution of our body. From time immemorial mankind has been playing a battle against the passage of time, from which it has emerged (to date ...) with burning defeats.

Here the philosophy of Skin Longevity comes into, which aims to renew the concept of stopping aging by shifting the center of gravity on the well-being of the skin, on its excellent preservation consistently with advancing age, keeping this fundamental organ in health, with beneficial effects on the balance of the whole organism and mind.

Doctor Alice Sara Magri, maxillofacial surgeon on the staff of Professor Tremolada of Image Regenerative Clinic Milan, reminds us that "a prevention routine will allow us to maintain healthy and vital skin organ functions regardless of biological age, slowing down the course of time". This is in fact the key point: to preserve skin well-being at all ages consistently with the passage of time (Source Vanity Fair)

But what are the ingredients that can never be missing? We at Cosmetitrovo have collected some of them: hyaluronic acid - a star, a molecule found naturally in the skin, capable of "retaining water molecules, making it luminous, fresh and elastic"

  • oils and butters - prevent dry skin and help keep skin hydrated

  • retinol - an alcohol that increases skin collagen production and cell renewal

  • vitamin C - protects the skin from environmental skin aging and supports it in building collagen, as well as fighting free radicals;

  • vitamin E - a powerful radical scavenger with the ability to protect the skin both externally from free radicals and premature aging;

  • fospidine - an element with a regenerating action on the skin;

  • alpha hydroxy acids - The most commonly used are glycolic acid and lactic acid, but also citric acid, malic acid, pyruvic acid, tartaric acid and other AHAs have similar uses and applications, the whose action consists in exfoliating an exfoliating effect, causing the dispersion of dead and dry epithelial cells;

  • sun protection - UV rays induce the production of free radicals which contribute to premature skin aging. Sunscreen should not only be used at the beach but in daily life for optimal skin protection

Well begun is half done

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