Cosmetic consultancy: a network of qualified partners

Each company that produces and / or sells products needs professionals or consultancy firms and external laboratories on multiple and varied aspects.

The specific areas of consultancy or services concern tests, certifications, management of production flow, sanitation, marketing and labeling standards, documents required by the European Regulation, or companies that offer training courses or marketing support.

We have collected a database of specialized professional companies and thanks to their scientific and specific skills can assist you in any aspect.

Compare, identify and contact your potential suppliers

Once you have selected the service or test you are interested in, we will present you a targeted list of companies and professionals to help you evaluate different alternatives and broaden your horizons in a few clicks, avoiding browsing for hours on the various supplier sites.

By accessing their presentation sheets you can get a first idea of ​​their mission, company history and the overview of the services offered and specializations, and you can learn more with a direct link to their respective sites. Once you have chosen those of your interest, you can also contact them simultaneously by expressing your request for information and managing the responses in your profile.

Specialized laboratories: analysis and tests

Is your product at the end of development and is it time to submit it to safety tests or proving its effectiveness or stability?

In our database you will find highly specialized laboratories in chemical, microbiological, sensory, heavy metal analysis, safety tests such as patch tests and challenges. Numerous companies specialized in conducting in vitro and in vivo efficacy tests performed respectively on cells and volunteers to support the claims (hydration, elasticizing, anti-cellulite, soothing and many others) in compliance with the provisions of the European Regulation.

Cosmetic consulting

Cosmetitrovo gives you the opportunity to explore and contact experienced professionals in different areas of consulting regarding products starting from the conception and development up to their placing on the market.

Certifications related to the organic world, international standards, labeling rules, claim communication, scientific marketing, import and export. You will also find out who can support you for the development of formulas, or for advice on aspects related to product classification and toxicological or environmental aspects.

Business-related services

You can range from laboratory equipment to furnishing the premises, from industrial washing to packaging machinery manufacturers, including cleaning and sanitizing, personnel research, and aspects relating to company certifications, audits and quality assurance.

You will also be able to find out who can support you for staff training, or for participation in trade fairs.

Stay up to date on news

Is there a notification in your news section?

Access the area and stay updated exclusively on events, commercial offers and explore the news. The news can be filtered according to the type of supplier who published it: you will therefore find news on services, raw materials, packaging, publications by subcontractors. They will always be available in your personal area.


Cosmetitrovo is a work tool and is your ally. Performing a targeted search for suppliers based on the type of service saves you precious time to dedicate it to your customers and daily activities.

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