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A place that gives you the opportunity to virtually meet the Contract Manufacturer of the cosmetic production chain. It is possible today, because we have created a place that represents a "virtual exhibition", always open, waiting to come back to meet us in person, and as a place to meet whenever you need it!

Cosmetitrovo allows you, starting from the area of ​​your interest, to evaluate a list of cosmetic Contract Manufacturer starting from what you are searching for.

A supplier database

Starting with the right partner is essential for the realization of a good project, and visibility on market opportunities is a key factor.

Cosmetitrovo offers you a targeted navigation service to provide you with information on third-party cosmetics manufacturers. We have collected dozens of suppliers for you, classifying them according to the area of ​​specialization or production capacity or type of service offered.

Each project needs attention and study, dedicate your time to create added value and use Cosmetitrovo to search for your Contract Manufacturers: send a request, sift through the options and find the right partner for you to start in the best way.

Once the potential partners have been identified, by sending a request with a click. You can compare offers and thus save valuable time that you can dedicate to what really matters to your business.

Start from the category you need

Identify the area of ​​interest among the available options.

You can start from the type of formulation you intend to develop for example skin care, hair care, toiletries, candles, oral care, make up

You can also start from the type of service: full service, packaging, casting, marking, printing.

You can explore by production capacity depending on the size of your project: small batches of 5-50 kg, up to productions of over 1000 kg of product.

We will present you in a list of manufacturers that offer that specific service, avoiding off-target requests and addressing you in a targeted way to the supplier who can help you.

Explore the Contract Manufacturer presentation sheets

Starting from the list that we will present to you on the basis of your filter that you have set, you will be able to access the individual company presentation sheets. In this way you will have the key information at your disposal to immediately have a clear and orderly idea of ​​the history, of the areas of expertise, of the specializations, of all the services offered by each subcontractor. In a few minutes you will be able to get an idea of ​​how they work and where they are located, and if you want to know more, we will direct you to the company website.

A guided, orderly and precise exploration, without unnecessary disorienting navigations between the different sites, to find the most suitable partner

Explore the territory

Local beats Global. Increasingly, the development and maintenance of a local network of suppliers and partners is a key success factor.

Cosmetitrovo is a virtual place that allows you to know the companies of your territory, large and small excellences sometimes hidden around the corner.

The ideal supplier you are looking for may be very close to you, but you need a tool that allows them to have a voice, that drives the creation of a territorial network that can benefit all the players in the supply chain, including you.

Choose and contact the subcontractors best suited to you

Now that you have a clear idea of ​​potential partners, you can send your request in a few clicks (even simultaneously to multiple suppliers!) who will view your details to be able to contact you. Conveniently track their answers in an orderly manner within your dashboard.

Innovating means doing things differently: until yesterday you let yourself be guided by Google, by magazines or brochures from the last exhibition, often without being able to clearly and completely identify the offer of the various subcontractors.

To request information you had to send numerous e-mails all the same and make many exploratory calls to every possible supplier.

Today Cosmetitrovo allows you to do all this quickly and efficiently so you can dedicate yourself to what really matters to you and brings added value to your project.


Access dozens of suppliers through a single platform. Find out who can provide you with what you are looking for in one click.

A virtual exhibition always open to discover suppliers' proposals

A single password to explore several partners

Follow and manage the status of your requests in real time in your personal area

Discover many potential partners

Enter our world

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