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Cosmetitrovo allows you to explore thousands of ingredients and dozens of cosmetic ingredients suppliers.

Create your profile and find what you are searching for quickly in our database, which is a single large catalog that collects thousands of products from numerous suppliers. The developement of a new product, the restyling of the ingredients of a formulation, counter-types, the most varied requests of customers, or the need to replenish the warehouse require the selection of the right ingredients: starts with Cosmetitrovo!

We have thought of 3 types of research for your needs: from database, by category or find distributor.

1. From the database you can search by INCI or you can also let yourself be explored among the proposals by typing in all the keywords you want such as "made in Italy", "sustainability","upclycling","extract".

2. The search by category, on the other hand will allow you, starting from a cosmetic category, to direct your requests to specialized suppliers or those who deal with that cosmetic category.

3. Thanks to the distributor finder you can immediately know who to contact in Italy if you are looking for a particular brand of ingredients.

Your time is valuable

The inefficient search for ingredients takes time away from studying the formulations, tho Cosmetitrovo can help you save time and energy, and manage your business in a more orderly way. We want to offer you a tool not only for research but also a management software to simplify the entire flow of your business.

Say goodbye to the dozens of e-mails (even those in bcc!) sent to suppliers, browsing sites and managing the various supplier responses via email.

Once you have identified the ingredient you are interested in, you can send a request for documentation, samples and quotes to one or more suppliers in a few clicks.

An e-mail notification will alert you in case of a new reply. In the section "Requests sent" you can follow the status of your request in real time: you will know at any time whether or not you have received the answers from suppliers through a simple and intuitive system based on traffic lights.

You will see the supplier's availability for the required raw material with a green light and details of the response. On the other hand, a red light will indicate that the supplier cannot provide you with what you request, and you will also know if you are still waiting for a response from the supplier.

If you have already found the ingredient, close your request with a click: the suppliers will know that you no longer need to receive their proposals.

In this way you will always have an orderly and clear history of your business available in your personal area.

Search from database

If you are searching for a specific product or an INCI and you want to sift through different solutions and find out who can provide it to you, use the database search using the search bar.

Our smart search engine will provide you with all the results that contain the INCI, the keywords you typed, giving you the possibility to access a single large database of cosmetic ingredients, and you will immediately know how many and which suppliers can provide you with what you are looking for. We will provide you with details on any certifications and a brief description of the product.

Search by category

If the search from the database did not help you or if you have a new project and you want to receive proposals from suppliers or ... you are looking for something new and you still don't have clear ideas, you can express your request for information or suggestions by sending a message to specialized suppliers who deal with the cosmetic category of your interest. How does it work?

Just select the category from those proposed and we will show you all the suppliers that deal with the chosen category. At this point you can decide who to send your request for information, suggestions or samples. Give the request a title, type a short text message and that's it. Wait now for the proposals of the recipients of your message!

Search by keywords

If you need to explore ingredients because you are searching for new proposals that respond to certain trends such as up-cycling, sustainability, Made in Italy, we can help you. Our search by product keywords will show you all the proposals of suppliers that meet your needs among thousands of proposals and create the best products for your customers. All online, in a simple and fast way, improving your search experience so that you can find in a short time what you are really looking for in a targeted way.

Search a distributor

Did it happened to you been interested in a particular brand of ingredients and do not know who to contact in Italy or your country? This is the limit of using international databases, which often do not direct you to the local distributor and do not allow you to convey your request to the right supplier.

Use the "search distributor" function and that's it: select the brand and we will direct you in a few seconds to the distributor who will be able to supply you with the product of your interest.


Cosmetitrovo is a work and professional tool, and it is your ally. The time you save in researching cosmetic ingredients you can dedicate to your formulations, reducing time-to-market and increasing the satisfaction of your customers.

A marketplace that is always open to find out which suppliers have what you are searching for

A single password to access a database of thousands of ingredients

Follow and manage the status of your requests in real time in your personal area

Ingredients smart search

Enter our world

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