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On Cosmetitrovo you can search ingredients, raw materials, packaging, laboratory analysis, consultancy, Contract Manufacturer for your project, services for the industry, from cleaning, machineries, personnel hiring, training, publishing and much more.

On Cosmetitrovo you can search by INCI name, key word, supplier or by category. By inputting words in the bar, the engine search will display you the result based on relevance, favorite suppliers, suppliers listed and verified in the platform. You can type an INCI name, a key word as green or a certification as Cosmos, you will see the relevant results. You can search by category too, in case you did not find what you were looking for or you are searching something new. In this case you will be listed all the suppliers that can support you.

The information you have to fill in are limited and simple, resulting in a much faster process respect to use the standard emails. Further, you have the possibility to reach multiple suppliers in a single click. You can keep ordered, view and manage all your requests and answers in the requests sent section. Suppliers can reply you directly through the portal and attach the documents you need. You can close your request when you have found what you searched.

Your request is not addressed to a generic contact, but directly to the profile administrator of the supplier. In case the supplier created agents based on served areas or to specific companies, your request is sent directly to your trusted area agent!

It is very simple and it is easier and faster respect to standard method, as emails. The application form is standard and most of the information is pre-filled. The addressee is the supplier profile administrator or the zone agents if they have been created. You just have to type in the text of your request, check the means by which you prefer to be contacted and the technical documentation you request.

From your profile on a single page you will have an overview of all the requests and answers received. Requests to multiple suppliers can be easily expanded to see which supplier have already answered you and which ones haven't. This way make the comparison easy, and you have always available all your activities.

Contact us, we will take care about info gathering to help you finding your distributor

No, you can search packaging, services, consulting, contract manufacturer

Of course you do, everyone will have his own profile and personal access information. All the activities will be tracked separately and you will have complete control on your profile, independently from the users of the same company.

No, it does not. Cosmetitrovo does not enter neither mediate the commercial agreement and the payment process between buyers and suppliers. We just facilitate supply and demand matching.

Yes, you can. In the Contract Manufacturer section you can select the type of product you would like to produce, we'll present you the list of potential contractors that you can contact directly. You can so access to a database of dozens of certified suppliers to boost your business.

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