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Through Cosmetitrovo you can explore dozens of cosmetic packaging suppliers and find the right product for your project: whether it is a shape restyling or research to reduce the environmental impact of your products or to look for more sustainable alternatives, or launch of a new cosmetic line, we help you in your search!

With one click you can access a single large database that directs you in a targeted way to suppliers of primary, secondary, accessories and packaging categories of cosmetic packaging.

Select from the many categories available, depending on what you are looking for and contact the suppliers, or sift through the proposals of the suppliers in the news at your disposal.

Coming soon: search for articles! You will be able to explore and compare different articles by filtering the results by material, capacity ... and much more. It will be like wandering through a single large catalog to arrive at the solution that suits you best and easily contact the supplier to request additional information, samples or offers.

Market is full of opportunities

Each company has its own trusted suppliers, but at the same time it is always good to have a broader vision on the market to seize new opportunities.

Our service allows you to forget general searches on Google, visits to dozens of sites, exploration of online catalogs, writing e-mails, filling in contact forms and transcribing all the information you receive for compare them.

Do you need to receive proposals from different suppliers? You can send the same request to multiple suppliers at the same time in just a few clicks and track supplier responses in your personal dashboard.

The market is full of opportunities for those who have the right tools to seize them!

Primary Packaging

Whether it is an oil, a perfume, an emulsion, a sun product, a lipstick, find the most suitable "dress" that can safely contain it, protect it and enhance it in the eyes of the consumer.

Through our cosmetic packaging categories you can select the container you are looking for, be it a jar, a bottle, a sachet, a single dose, a tube ... You can select the material you prefer or decide later on the basis of the suppliers' proposals.

Cosmetitrovo is your partner for finding the most suitable supplier for your project!

Accessories, displays and proposals for make-up, packaging

If you are looking for accessories such as brushes, cups, measuring cups, or make-up packaging proposals, we will direct you to suppliers who specifically deal with these products.

You will also find who can provide you with window signs, displays and last but not least, packaging, boxes, shopping bags!

On Cosmetitrovo you can expand your knowledge of suppliers in a simple way to find new partners and be more competitive.

Secondary Packaging

On Cosmetitrovo you can access the secondary packaging supplier market with a click.

The external packaging is the business card of what guides the consumer's choice: it communicates the identity of the company. If you want to start reducing your impact on the planet, or start restyling your packaging to make it more sustainable, it's time to start research.

Contact suppliers with a click

Cosmetitrovo not only allows you to access a large market of cosmetic packaging suppliers for your project, but also allows you to contact them quickly and easily.

You can select one or more suppliers and through the form on the platform send a request indicating what you need, if your request is urgent, and how you prefer to be contacted.

Your request will always be available in your profile, and you will be able to follow the responses of the suppliers in real time. This way you can keep track of all your activities quickly and easily, saving time and energy.


Cosmetitrovo is a work tool, and it is also your ally. The time you save in finding the most suitable or captivating packaging you can dedicate to something else, reducing time-to-market and increasing the satisfaction of your customers.

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