Sunburst Effect: the must-have trend after the summer for a dreamy look.

The Sunburst Effect is the secret to a radiant, golden look that evokes the warmth of summer on your skin. This make-up trend, which started last year and went viral on Tik Tok, is inspired by the summer sun and uses warm shades and luminous highlights to create a fresh, glowing appearance. The Sunburst Effect knows no seasons, and is the perfect way to prolong your summer glow, so you can shine into autumn with this fantastic make-up trend. Find out what make-up products and how to apply this trend!

How to Get the Sunburst Effect After Summer

Strategic Illuminant: also known as Sunburn Blush and Sunkissed Blush, this trend is nothing more than a method of applying blush that follows a slightly different 'pattern'. In simple terms, the blush is used to simulate a slight sunburn, reproducing the appearance of the face after you have been at the beach, swimming pool or otherwise in the open air for several hours. This is the distinguishing feature of this look: apply an illuminant to key areas of the face for a lasting summer glow.

  1. Prepare Your Skin: Start with a light base, using a moisturiser with golden undertones or an illuminating primer for fresh, radiant skin.

  2. Natural eyebrows: Leave your eyebrows in their natural state or use a clear gel to lightly fix them.

  3. Sparkling eyes: Apply a golden or bronze eyeshadow to the mobile eyelid and blend outwards. Add a touch of gold eyeshadow to the centre of the eyelid to create a luminous effect.

  4. Lashes: Use a volumising mascara for thick lashes that emphasise your glowing eyes.

  5. Natural Lips: Choose a nude lip shade or a transparent lip gloss to keep the focus on the eyes.

  6. Fixing Makeup: Use a fixing spray to make your look last all day and keep your summer glow intact.

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