The search of manufacturer contract production of cosmetics under Private Label

How does the search for a third party cosmetics manufacturer happen today who can put the business idea of ​​a brand into practice? What are the key steps? What are the timing? How can our portal simplify the search for the most suitable partner for the project?

Private label cosmetics: from idea to realization

Whether it is a brand specialized in the trade of products or the business idea of ​​a start-up, a farmhouse, a beauty center or a pharmacy, creating a line or a cosmetic product under its own brand (private label) requires a series of steps to keep in mind. How do you go from the idea to its realization? First of all, it is necessary to look for a company that has the skills to manufacture the products. The companies that produce cosmetics for third parties, or on behalf of a customer, are precisely the "subcontractors". Companies specialized in the production of cosmetics able to take care of every aspect of the birth of a cosmetic, starting from the development of the prototype in the laboratory to the production and labeling of the finished product, ready for marketing. In this case we speak of "full service" supply.


The first step to create a customized cosmetic line consists in drafting the brief, or a summary of the characteristics of the cosmetic line: the customer and the manufacturer meet and discuss to define the project. In the brief it will be necessary to define together the type of product, intended use, key ingredients, claims, certifications, packaging, target market, retail price and above all the number of pieces provided for the first batch. This is the information necessary for the manufacturer to understand if the project is feasible and to have all the elements to be able to formalize a sensible estimate. If you do not yet have very clear ideas about the project, during the definition of the brief the subcontractor will be able to advise the client and guide him in the right choice, also on the basis of the available budget and the required implementation times. Basically, the brief is a fundamental step in the creation of cosmetics for third parties.

From brief to prototype

Once the brief has been defined, the laboratory that produces cosmetics for third parties will move on to the creation of one or more prototypes per product, based on the cost indications, and will propose samples to the customer. The laboratory can create cosmetics for third parties from scratch, developing ad hoc formulas for the customer or drawing from a "library" of already tested and stable formulas with various textures and costs to be proposed to the customer and then adapt and personalize them with active ingredients and fragrances. In this second case, development times will be reasonably faster. The customer, having received the samples, will choose the prototype that is closest to the idea of ​​the product he had in mind and will give the first feedback to the laboratory to eventually refine the texture, type and intensity of the fragrance or other details. When the customer approves the prototype, the laboratory will produce a quantity of product sufficient to start the stability tests under various environmental and safety conditions and any required efficacy tests.

From this moment it takes 3-6 months for the results of the tests before starting production. If the tests give a favorable result, everything can be prepared for production: we move on to the graphic design of the labels, the procurement of raw materials and packaging and the fulfillment of the regulatory aspects provided for by the European Regulation for placing in trade in products.

From prototype to production

Normally, before the actual production, the "pilot" production is started to set and refine the production method, or proceed to scale up from the sample of small quantities produced in the laboratory to the minimum quantity achievable in production.

When the production method has been defined, we move on to bulk production and final packaging and to carry out microbiological tests on the batch and any other types of tests (nickel for example.) The product is ready for delivery to the customer and the placing on the market.

How to find the right manufacturer?

How to explore, among the various suppliers that produce cosmetics for third parties, the one that best suits your needs? From interviews carried out by Cosmetitrovo to 20 companies looking for subcontractors, it emerged that 100% of the interviewees rely on word of mouth, 80% on Google. From the results of Google we then move on to the exploration of the various websites of the subcontractors to understand what types of services they can offer and then contact them through the contact forms or by phone.

The contact forms, however, are inconvenient because it is necessary to enter your data and your request for each site, moreover they are often poorly guarded. Response times are long and contact and response activity is also difficult to trace. As in all projects, it is essential to find the ideal partner and the production of cosmetics for third parties is no exception. The discriminating element for the selection is the expected production quantity: in fact some companies that produce cosmetics for third parties cannot accept order quantities below 50 kg, due to the type of machinery and resources to be used. For those who start and expect small quantities (for example 200 pieces per reference), however, there are many small companies of excellence that work on these quantities.

Our "Search for contract manufacturer" service

Create your company profile and access for free our "contract manufacturer" search service which allows you to explore a series of third-party cosmetics suppliers on the basis of a filter (type of service and expected quantity), to immediately get an overview of many potential partners and the services offered by accessing the various presentation forms.

It is then possible to send the request to several subcontractors at the same time, by filling in a single form. Once the request has been invited, it will also be very easy to track the availability of subcontractors in real time from your profile. Simple, convenient, quick. Try it! Are you looking for companies that produce cosmetics for third parties? Create your profile here -> https://www.cosmetitrovo.it/register-buyer

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