"Inclusive" suncare products

Protection and care for all skin types: formulations designed for all skin tones, with the aim of overcoming barriers and promoting "fairness", education and awareness in sun protection.

Solar products only for light skin?

For too long, the suncare industry has focused primarily on a limited range of skin tones, leaving many people with darker skin tones having to contend with products that leave behind an annoying white residue or that don't blend properly with their complexion. This gap in the market has not only left many people without adequate sun protection, it has also fueled the idea that only certain skin tones need protection against UV rays.

All skin types need sun protection

The importance of protecting our skin from UV damage is more evident than ever. Using cosmetic sunscreen products has become an essential step in our skincare routine, but we are often faced with a challenge: finding sunscreen products that are truly inclusive and suitable for all skin tones.

Skincare, including sunscreen, customers today are made up of a very diverse audience, with a wide range of ethnic skin types who require specific treatments and results for their skincare needs or concerns. There has long been a myth that people with darker skin tones don't need SPF protection, but that's not the case: Melanin, while offering darker skin tones some sun protection, isn't enough to ward off UV damage.

What is changing in cosmetic formulations

In recent years, the panorama of sunscreen cosmetic products has been changing for the better: the most innovative brands are adopting an inclusive approach, investing in the research and development of formulas suitable for all skin types starting from the coloring, also taking into account the typical skin physiology of some ethnic groups (e.g. the amount of sebum) .

Some examples

Formulas adaptable to any skin colour, light, free of white residue or greasiness on the skin. This is especially important for people with darker skin, as it makes applying the product more even and unobtrusive. compared to classic emulsions, there are more and more alternatives on the market such as sprays, sticks and transparent SPF serums, colored creams and gel formulas.

Education and awareness

In addition to the development of inclusive sun cosmetic products, it is also essential to increase education and awareness of the importance of sun protection in all communities. People with darker skin tones may mistakenly believe they are less vulnerable to sun damage, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

UV radiation can cause damage to the skin regardless of skin tone, and using the right sunscreen products is essential for everyone. Sun protection awareness campaigns should therefore aim to reach diverse communities and highlight the importance of using sun products every day, regardless of skin tone.


The evolution towards inclusive sun cosmetics is a victory for diversity, equality and the care of our skin. Protecting your skin from sun damage shouldn't be a privilege reserved for a few, but a right guaranteed to everyone.

Thanks to the efforts of progressive cosmetic brands and a growing public awareness, we are finally moving towards a future where sun protection will be truly accessible and suitable for all skin tones.

Let us always remember to make a responsible choice when it comes to sun protection and encourage progress towards a society where inclusiveness is the norm, not the exception. We welcome this new era of inclusive sunscreens, which promise to keep our skin protected and healthy, regardless of our skin colour.

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