Evolution of the skin care

Facial care products in the pharmacy channel recorded a + 18% in the period 2021 vs 2019. The evolution of the cosmetic to provide wellness.

More than ever, wellness remains a fundamental trend in personal care.

The pandemic has generated an abrupt stop to the daily routine, forcing people to stop and think about their private, professional life and psycho-physical balance and well-being.

Never before has the Latin statement "mens sana in corpore sano" defined the newfound attitude of thousands of consumers as in this moment.

Facial care products in the pharmacy channel recorded a + 18% in the period 2021 vs 2019 (source Centro Studi Cosmetica Italia)

However, the evolution of the trend compared to the last decade suggests that in order to bring the expected well-being, the cosmetic must have some basic requirements.

In order to transform itself from a common product, necessary and of normal use, to a wellness tool, the cosmetic has had and must transform itself.

It is no longer sufficient that the formulations are effective and active, but the ingredients have to be Cosmos, Halal, Natrue or Vegan certified, because the psychological action has a direct effect on our physical well-being.

Using a cosmetic from green ingredients, environmentally friendly, made in Italy, coming from small local Sicilian, Sardinian or Umbrian producers, makes us feel not only directly involved in respect for the environment, but more connected to the earth itself, rediscovering a closer link with nature.

The pandemic has brought us a revision of the concept of time, of our biological rhythm, of the relationship with the environment and nature, and now that the rhythm of the world is returning to pre-Covid times we do not want to lose it.

Knowing that the packaging of our product derives from the circular economy and wood waste makes us feel part of the protection of the Earth, and we are now clearly willing not to buy products that do not respect this claim.

An increasing range of customers recognizes a cause and effect relationship between personal and skin care with respect to psycho-physical well-being.

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