Barbiecore: the new fashion and beauty trend

The Barbiecore phenomenon is a rapidly growing trend that celebrates Barbie's pink and vintage aesthetic in fashion, make-up and skincare. Inspired by the famous doll, this style offers a fusion of romance and playful femininity. In make-up, pink shades, voluminous lashes and glitter transform the eyes into a fairytale look. In skin care, nourishing products and imaginative packaging add a magical touch to the beauty routine.

Discovering Barbiecore: the trend that celebrates pink and vintage aesthetics

Among the latest news that is capturing the attention of fashionistas and influencers, there is a colorful and nostalgic trend that is depopulating on social media: Barbiecore.

Barbiecore is a tribute to the iconic Barbie doll, created by Ruth Handler and produced by Mattel, which debuted way back in 1959. With her long blonde hair, glamorous wardrobe and unmistakable pink that sets her apart, Barbie has become a timeless inspiration for many girls over the years. The Barbiecore trend celebrates the doll's feminine, playful and retro aesthetic, bringing its lively spirit to the contemporary scene. One of the most distinctive characteristics of Barbiecore is the color pink.

This sweet and vibrant hue is present in every aspect of the style, from the garments and accessories to the settings and even the photo filters used to capture the nostalgic mood. The pink aesthetic has always been associated with Barbie's image and is now being reinterpreted in a creative and contemporary way, inspiring clothing, design and photography.

Barbiecore fashion is expressed through dresses with fluid and romantic shapes, which recall vintage elegance and the clothes of fairytale princesses. Accessories are no less: bows, beads, headbands and heart-shaped bags add a playful and sophisticated touch.

Barbiecore: A dive into the world of Make-up and Skin Care

Barbiecore make-up is characterized by pink shades, ranging from pastel shades to more lively and bold nuances. The main focus is on the eyes and lips, with colors that recall the distinctive features of the iconic doll.

Pink eyeshadows, winged eyeliner, long voluminous lashes, and defined brows are key elements of this look. The cheeks are often highlighted with delicate pink blush, for a fresh and sweet effect.

The skin is usually even and luminous, with the focus placed on a flawless foundation. Barbiecore makeup is versatile and can be customized to suit different occasions, from a romantic look for daytime to a bolder look for evening. A distinctive touch of Barbiecore make-up is the creative use of glitter.

Pink and gold glitter are often used on the eyes or cheeks to add a touch of magic and whimsy to makeup.

Skin Care Barbiecore

Barbiecore skincare revolves around a routine dedicated to maintaining healthy, glowing and hydrated skin. An important aspect is the use of products that promote hydration, to obtain a fresh and radiant skin, just like that of Barbie.

Skincare products often feature cute, colorful packaging inspired by Barbie's world that adds a playful touch to beauty routines. Creams and serums enriched with nourishing ingredients and antioxidants help keep the skin young and hydrated. Furthermore, the pink aesthetic is also reflected in make-up and skin care products.

Pink face masks, scented body lotions and products packaged in elegant pink bottles add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your beauty routine.

Another Barbiecore skincare trend is the use of accessories such as jade rollers and facial massagers in pink, which not only contribute to the well-being of the skin, but also add a touch of elegance and femininity to the daily beauty routine.

Some examples...

Here is a list of some cosmetics and make-up brands that may be inspired by Barbie's pink and vintage aesthetic or may have collections or collaborations related to the famous doll.

  1. PUR Cosmetics - Barbie x PUR Cosmetics collection

  2. Nyx cosmetics - collezione Barbie

  3. ColourPop - Barbie x ColourPop collection

  4. NCLA Beauty - Barbie-inspired nail polishes and nail art

  5. MAC Cosmetics - Barbie x MAC Cosmetics limited edition collection

  6. Lisa Frank x Morphe - Morphe collection with Lisa Frank's colorful and playful style

  7. Smyths Toys - Barbie Beauty Collection by Smyths Toys

  8. Sugar Cosmetics - Barbie-themed lipsticks and makeup products

  9. The Crème Shop - Barbie-inspired beauty products and skincare

  10. HipDot - Barbie Iconic Eyes Palette and Barbie Lip Gloss Set

  11. Barbie x Spectrum Collections - Barbie-themed makeup brushes and accessories

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