Autumn make-up TREND 2023: Lips take centre stage

We have collected for you the new make-up trends for autumn 2023 that focus on the lips with intense, deep and vibrant colours. Let's take a look at the shapes, the different finishes and two irresistible trends at the end of the article!


Ombré lips: It means 'ombre' lips. This look is sophisticated and versatile and can be achieved in all the trendy colours. Technically, it is achieved by defining the sides and darker contours with a pencil, which gradually lightens in the middle for a volume effect and to better define the contours. This make-up can be done with any of this autumn's trendy shades, the result will always be impressive.

Natural: After years of focus on oversized lips, this autumn we will see a return to the natural shape of the lips. Thinner, more defined lips will take centre stage, with a greater emphasis on symmetry and the intrinsic beauty of the lips. Lip make-up will be used to emphasise and define the natural shape.

Heart-shaped: With a "vintage and retro" flavour, you will outline the cupid's bow with a pencil of the same shade or directly with lipstick, for a very feminine and refined look

Imperfect: In contrast to heart-shaped or ombré lips, the "smudged" effect technique is also trendy and is optimal if you prefer light make-up to which you can devote little time. To achieve this, after applying lipstick, simply dab with your finger and blend the contours.


Once the vivid tones of summer have been archived, autumn lip make-up is moving towards deeper, more decisive and vibrant tones. Lipsticks have no intention of going unnoticed, which is why they include autumn shades such as brown, burgundy and the timeless red in their palette. These deep colours are perfect for autumn, as they perfectly match the warm tones of fallen leaves and colder days. But there's more....

In perfect 90s style, very trendy, go for cool and striking colours such as purple and all its variations like plum, indigo and, for those who don't want to overdo it, lilac.

A bit of energy to autumn make-up? pop and extravagant shocking pink will be on the scene to light up this season with colour.


The finishes are almost extreme: The extra matte version on the one hand, to the super glossy, highly polished, almost vinyl-like version. Lipglosses are once again among the most popular products, also enriched with glitter for a sparkling effect.

Trends by Tik tok

Soft goth make-up

For those who use make-up to experiment and play around, one of the most popular trends is soft goth make-up, the less intense and darker variant of goth make-up. With this trend, lips are sure to take centre stage and not go unnoticed, and are characterised by very dark colours such as grey and even black.

Cherry coca lips

Born on TikTok this summer, this mouth-watering look is inspired by the colours of the celebrated drink. In a short time it went viral: the shade between brown and red is reminiscent of the drink. It features a very shiny finish and an ombré effect between brown and red that creates a natural volumising effect.

Peptides and lip plumpers

As a less invasive alternative to lip fillers involving infiltrations of hyaluronic acid, cosmetics and make-up products containing volumising ingredients such as capsaicin or 'rubefacient' substances are becoming increasingly fashionable. Thanks to their vasodilating effect, they give the lips a temporary volume effect due to the swelling of tissues and a brighter colour due to the increased blood flow in the lip areas. These temporarily acting substances are often combined with peptides that stimulate collagen production for a plumping, anti-ageing and longer-term effect.

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